L+R EDU Looks to Launch Exciting Programming in 2018

L+R’s Design Teaching Philosophy was born from the understanding that great sales is really just great teaching. In our case, this manifests as an effort to teach our clients about the ways they can leverage technology to achieve their business goals. The L+R team has since expanded this philosophy to inform everything from Business Development and Client Work to Talent Development and Ideation. Director of Strategy, Alex Levin, explains that, “Design Teaching gives us the opportunity to expand our knowledge first, to then expand our business.”  

And now enters L+R EDUA series of initiatives and programming whose purpose is to grow and share L+R’s industry knowledge. While quarterly “Design Teaching Presentations” still encourage L+R employees to expand and deepen their knowledge around topics they are passionate about, L+R EDU looks to expand the audience that those lessons reach. 

2018, will usher in inaugural courses offered for a variety of age groups in Business Development, Design, and Development, taught at co-working spaces local to Brooklyn and Barcelona. The new year will also bring a Curriculum Consultation Services for Businesses and Individuals looking to share their knowledge in the most engaging and effective way possible.

Look for specific enrollment information in the weeks to come!


Julia Keller