L+R’s Brooklyn Office Welcomes Our Summer Interns: Gloria Zhu and Ignacio Ventos

While many students are kicking back and relaxing on the beach during the warm days of summer vacation, a few ambitious ones out there are using the time off from school as an opportunity to prepare for their futures. L+R is fortunate to welcome two such students to our summer internship program at our Dumbo, Brooklyn office. Here’s a little background to help you get to know them.

Gloria Zhu: Marketing Student Looking for Real-Life Applications of Book Learning

As a young woman born and raised in the Bay Area, Gloria has always enjoyed art and design. As she grew up, she developed her talent in things like drawing and learning to play the piano. When it came time to go to college, Gloria decided to major in business with an emphasis in marketing and operations at the University of Pennsylvania.

“I wanted to learn about other fields in college,” Gloria said. “I felt that marketing was the perfect bridge between business and design. I’d love to find a position where I can work with design as it relates to product management, especially in the technology field. Technology is changing so quickly, improving the lives of so many people. I want to be part of that.”

Gloria will be a strategy intern for L+R this summer. She will be working on a wide variety of projects, both as part of L+R customer teams as well as on special projects designed to help the company itself grow.

“I’m really excited about working with a smaller but very successful company,” Gloria said. “I think this will be a great opportunity to get to know many people and learn from their experiences. I want to watch how designers, engineers, and business thinkers come together to solve real business problems and achieve goals for customers. It will be a wonderful addition to what I’ve learned in the classroom.”

In her free time, Gloria enjoys sketching, painting, and listening to music. At school, Gloria participates in a traditional Chinese Lion Dance troupe.

Ignacio Ventos: Integrated Design Student Seeks Opportunity to Get Out of Comfort Zone

Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, Ignacio lived in Switzerland and London before heading to the Parson School of Design at the University of New York. Currently, he is pursuing an education in integrated design.

“I think integrated design really embodies every interest out there,” Ignacio said. “I always felt that communication design wasn’t quite broad enough. Integrated design encompasses the study of true insight and right path. That’s what really drew me to my major.”

As a strategy intern for L+R this summer, Ignacio will be learning how L+R delivers technology-enabled solutions to customers as well as working with team members on projects that will help the company itself expand into the future.

“As a designer and thinker, I’m looking forward to learning how L+R professionals change the world and make a positive impact,” Ignacio said. “I’m personally interested in sustainability, accessibility, ethics, and humanity. I’d love to learn how those things connect in the business world.”

The entire team at L+R is excited about the contributions Gloria and Ignacio will bring to the company this summer.

Ignacio is excited about learning how L+R solves problems and hopes that he is challenged to get out of his comfort zone in order to learn and grow during his time here.

“I want to grow as a person, learn as much as I can, and have fun doing it,” said Ignacio. “I’m really looking forward to understanding L+R’s techniques in building solutions for its customers. I’m ready to work hard and share my passion for learning with all those around me.”

In his free time, Ignacio enjoys biking and mindfulness meditation as well as exercising and swimming. He loves listening to music, attending exhibits, and trying a wide variety of new foods. He also enjoys being surrounded by nature. He hopes to travel into space someday.

Alex Levin, L+R’s co-founder is very excited to have Gloria and Ignacio in L+R this summer.

“I am honored for minds like Gloria and Ignacio to be attracted to L+R’s vision,” said Alex Levin. “We have built and maintained L+R’s success through a selective process in growing our interdisciplinary team. Gloria and Ignacio’s drive and diverse perspectives were clearly evident during the interview process. We look forward to learning from them, sharing our process, and working together to add value to our organization.”

The entire team at L+R is excited about the contributions Gloria and Ignacio will bring to the company this summer.

ignacio ventos

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